Intuitive Tracking for Insurance Agents

How easy is it to get started with Agency Dynamics?

Sign up. Add your staff. Set your commissions. Done.

The rest is handled by ADS.
As your staff enter transactions, commissions are automatically calculated and stored.
At the end of the pay period simply select the report that you would like to generate and save it.
No more complicated spreadsheets.

As for time cards?  The days of hand written corrections on paper cards are gone.  The ADS time clock prevents staff members from making amendments to their own cards.  All changes are directed to an administrator.  But you’re concerned that a staff member will start clocking in from home?  Not with ADS, the system not only knows when, but where a user clocks in.

Enjoy simple yet powerful reporting tools. You can generate reports on a group or individual basis and fine tune the report to show exactly what you would like to see. Once you dial in a report, you can save those settings for one-click generation later on. All reports can be saved as a PDF for quick access and emailing.

The true power of ADS is in it's tiered commission capabilities. You can set production hurdles on a per-product basis as well as on a per-user basis. Do you want to offer 10% commission on auto policies only when the total office production exceeds $20,000? ADS can track that. Or maybe you want a specific producer to earn an extra 2% on term life policies when they write at least $5,000? ADS can track that as well.